Why Accreditation?

Accreditation helps health care organizations improve their performance for the benefit of their clients and the health system. It is  public recognition by a health care accreditation body of the achievement of accreditation standards by a health care organisation, demonstrated through an independent external survey of that organisation’s level of performance in relation to the standards.

International Accreditation Standard

AACI standards have always been created by the people who use them. AACI has been involved in the development of standards for a range of healthcare facilities for over ten years. Standards have been developed, piloted, used and refined for hospitals, outpatient specialist centers, rehabilitation centers, spas, and dentists. An International Standard Development Committee composed of experienced physicians and healthcare managers guides the development process of the AACI standards.  These standards are the basis of our accreditation services, providing a clear road-map for healthcare staff and delivering confidence to all stakeholders, including patients, board members, insurers and regulatory agencies.Information and experience related to the standards will be gathered on an ongoing basis. If a standard no longer reflects contemporary healthcare practice, commonly available technology, quality management practices, and so forth, it will be revised or deleted. It is currently anticipated that the standards will be revised and published at least every three years. Our revolutionary accreditation program enables healthcare organisations to integrate AACI standards with all existing management systems or to build the new ones. AACI has developed standards for hospitals and other healthcare organizations, addressing key areas of organizational performance. Periodical revision of the standards, in reality, is an ongoing process. It is supported by current customers, patient groups, relevant surveyors, healthcare group leaders, sales staff, and any other relevant external experts. Additionally, the evolution of national and international standards, rules and regulation, and advisory body guidelines are updated and included.

Additionally, AACI offers the unique service of a virtually immediate response to any question involving our standards or their interpretation. It is our purpose to make flexibility possible for your unique needs and maintain compliance with CMS, WHO and other nationally and internationally recognized requirements. AACI is the only accreditation body to combine the Medicare Conditions of Participation with the management system standards including risk management consultation into a unified accreditation program. We have merged clinical requirements with some of the most recognized management standards in the world: ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 31000. But our standard reaches beyond that. Requirements including Ethical Practices and Information Security System challenges that modern healthcare organisations are facing today, are included in our accreditation portfolio.


What does really make us different is our surveyors. They have been recruited and trained in line with AACI standards and guidelines.The role of the survey team is to validate the organisation’s system and not to inspect it or search for the nonconformities.

Our accreditation program is disciplined and collegial. During this time our surveyors work closely with your staff to assess the current state of the organisation’s clinical workflow, documentation and management processes. Our goal is to see what’s working and what needs to improve. World renown experts in medicine, patient safety, and quality management will make every survey a collaborative journey to improvement.


In a brief: We know healthcare!


How to become an accredited healthcare organisation?


Flowchart of Accreditation process


  1. Application for accreditation
  2. Preassessment
  3. Initial Survey
  4. Accreditation Award
  5. Maintaining accreditation
  6. Complaints and appeals
  7. Suspension and withdrawal



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