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Our range of courses gives you the opportunity to build on your specialist skills and gain the knowledge needed to achieve and maintain accreditation and clinical certification.
AACI’s courses provide you with knowledge on how to work systematically to improve patient safety to ensure a sound and healthcare organisation for your patients and employees. AACI’s training program provides one of the broadest portfolio of training courses for the healthare industry.

AACI’s courses provide you with knowledge on how to work systematically to improve patient safety to ensure a sound and healthcare organisation for your patients and employees.

AACI offers global education to familiarise your accreditation and/or certification system with the standard, including how the management system can be implemented in order to provide better patient safety and continual improvement.

Additionally, organisations must comply with country specific regulatory requirements. Our trainers know your local markets, and are able to adapt and offer trainings to the specific needs of your organisation and location. We also offer private training sessions upon request.



Introduction to Quality management

ISO 9001 is the most common and globally recognized quality management system, a generic standard which can be applied to any business or organisation. Training staff involved in ISO 9001 and other relevant standards will ensure more efficient implementation and audit of your management systems.

This one day course is a basic course to train healthcare professional in the principles of Quality management system described in ISO 9001 and EN 15224 standards.



Introduction to Accreditation

This one day course is a basic course designed to train healthcare professionals in the principles and requirements of AACI’s approach to hospital accreditation. This course is taught in a manner compatible with the AACI standard requirements.



Internal Surveyor training

This 2-day course is a healthcare specific surveyor course focused on the internal survey. This course is designed to train internal surveyors in the principles and practices of first party survey and the use of AACI standards.


Accreditation Lead Surveyor training

This 4-day course is a healthcare specific surveyor course focused on the hospital accreditation and healthcare setting. This course is designed to train potential surveyors in the principles and practices of surveying and the use of AACI standards in the process approach.



Risk Registers: The hub of the internal control system

What is a Risk Register?

A Risk Register is a management tool that enables an organisation to understand its comprehensive risk profile.  It is simply a repository for all risk information.  This repository becomes the hub of the internal control system, given that it should contain the objectives, risks and controls for the whole organisation.  It therefore makes sense for the organisations review of internal control to be centred round the risk register.

The risk register, and the treatment plans should be flexible enough to allow the organisation to respond to unforeseen risks serious incidents, and external events.  A dynamic, comprehensive and effectively used risk register will not only drive risk management but will also ensure that the organisation can justify the decisions it makes.

Why does my organisation require a risk register?

To be effective, an organization’s risk management plan requires the development and maintenance of an ongoing process that enables the identification, analysis, evaluation, and treatment of risks that may impact the organisation. This knowledge further enables the prioritisation of actions to reduce these risks to an acceptable level.

What results from this risk management process is a substantial amount of risk management information that needs to be managed in such a way that it can be found and applied quickly and efficiently.  If it is not managed effectively, critical information will be lost and not included within decision making processes. 

One method that organisations can use to manage their risk management information is to make use of a risk register.

Main elements of the one day course:

  • Formulating  a risk register – using proactive and reactive sources of information to identify risk
  • Amalgamating organisational and clinical risk
  • Evaluating risk – Separating those which are tolerable and those which are unacceptable, and the use of a risk matrix.
  • Integrating the risk register into management processes
  • How risk management can be devolved to different levels within the organisation.

The course will use case studies, interactive exercises and real examples to illustrate learning points.



Clinical Excellence Leadership

Enhance leadership in your healthcare organisation and management skills for immediate impact. Practice everyday leadership, manage people , learn and apply concepts and techniques to effectively manage healthcare organisation through organisational design, and formulate and implement strategy.



Clinical Teamwork

Do you want to improve your cooperation within the team?

The AACI Teamwork Module will help you to turn groups into teams that cooperate with awareness and efficiency.

Know your contribution to the team’s success. Improve communication. Work out proactive strategies for everyday life. Steer the variety of your team’s activities and driving force efficiently. Recognise the personal potential of your team members and optimise working processes accordingly.



Clinical Communication Skills

Communicate efficiently. The AACI communication module will help you to shape your conversations efficiently. This will improve the atmosphere in your hospital, your ability to convince and your assertiveness.

Adapt your communication to the situation. Make efficient communication happen. Promote cooperation and efficiency. Successful communication requires listening well. Analyse your personal listening style and learn to deal with those of others. This will make you more efficient.



Clinical Stress Management 

Learn how to deal efficiently with stress. The AACI Stress Module will help you to analyse your stress dose as well as your behavior under stress. You will identify your stress potential and learn how to prevent negative stress.

Learn how to deal with stress. Optimise your stress-related attitude.



Clinical Conflict Management

Master the fundamentals of conflict resolution, harness the power of positive conflict, and hone your intercultural communication skills.

In this AACI Conflict Module, you’ll learn to strengthen your personal and professional relationship by constructively address on conflicts between individuals and within healthcare organisations.



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