Accreditation Award

To gain accreditation, healthcare organizations must demonstrate acceptable compliance with all standards and achieve a minimal numerical score on these standards as identified in the decision rules.


The AACI Accreditation Committee makes accreditation decisions based on the findings of the survey. An organization can receive one of the following two accreditation decisions:

  1. Accredited or
  2. Accreditation Denied.

These accreditation decisions are based on whether the organization meets the decision rules. Accredited organizations receive an Approved Survey Report, the award letter and the accreditation certificate. The report indicates the level of compliance with AACI standards achieved by the organization.


Meeting AACI Accreditation Standards is an accomplishment recognized by the award of an AACI Gold Medal of Accreditation. Accreditation is valid until withdrawn, or as long as the healthcare organisation meets the requirements of  the AACI Accreditation Standards.