Ana Carla Restituti, Vice President

Ana Carla Parra Labigalini Restituti is the CEO Brazil and Portugal. Graduated in Nursing from FAMEMA – Medical School of Marília and MBA in Health Management from Faculdade Getúlio Vargas, Ana has been a nurse for 20 years. She has +13 years of experience in quality, patient safety, assisting in the preparation for certification, and as a surveyor. She possesses  a MBA in strategic management of healthcare services and is an expert in team leadership.  She has developed a wide range of operational knowledge and experience in best practice solutions for proactive health management and understands that it is necessary to understand, disseminate and implement value-based care to transform the health system based on optimizing value for all involved. Throughout her career as an auditor of organizations and health systems, she has conducted more than 500 evaluations as a leader and surveyor. In 2021 she founded Health Hub Accreditation – H2A, a transnational company based in São Paulo, Brazil that represents AACI in Portuguese-speaking countries.  H2A organizes its offering and operation of services in association with companies that provide solutions to healthcare organizations as representative and fundamental partners for the effectiveness of its operations in the healthcare market.