Anshu Jhamnani‚DDS

Dr. Anshu Jhamnani, a seasoned healthcare professional, boasts 8 years of experience in healthcare quality management, hospital accreditation, and medical administration. Holding an MBA in Hospital Management, her expertise seamlessly blends clinical understanding with strategic administration, offering comprehensive solutions to healthcare challenges. Her meticulous approach has shaped quality assurance and guided facilities through various national and international accreditation.


Beginning her career in healthcare, she demonstrated an early passion for ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety in healthcare services and walk over a journey dedicated to improving healthcare quality across various institutions. With a wealth of experience and expertise in healthcare quality and accreditation, she has led the implementation of robust compliance programs and strategies essential for upholding the integrity and credibility of the various national and international accreditation bodies.


She possesses an exceptional ability to analyze, interpret, and apply accreditation criteria to diverse healthcare settings, fostering environments that prioritize patient safety, quality care, and continuous improvement. Beyond accrediting, she excels in holistic medical administration, from finance to planning. Her global exposure enriches her ability to integrate diverse best practices. As an expertise in healthcare quality, she embodies a dedication to excellence, continually staying updated with the latest advancements and changes in accreditation standards.