Eduardo Ippolito‚MD, Vice President

Dr.Eduardo Ippolito  is AACI Chief Executive Officer for Iberia and South America.He has been working as Clinical Physician for 4 years in a private Hospital in Argentina till he moves to USA to get his specialty in Infectious diseases and Clinical Microbiology. After getting the specialty, he worked as Clinical Microbiologist for 7 years at a Smithkline Beecham Clinical Laboratory division; afterwards he acted as a Microbiology Department Supervisor for 4 years. He also participated, by that time, in the Quality and Safety Department of the laboratory.

As Infectious disease specialist, he worked as consultant for Hospital Italiano, AMTA Hospital in Argentina and Cedars Hospital in USA.

Actually, Dr. Ippolito is a well recognized consultant in Quality healthcare and Patient Safety in Spain and Portugal as well as a Senior freelance Surveyor performing audits to healthcare organizations like hospitals, clinics, laboratories, Pharmaceutical laboratories and medical devices manufacturers according to standards like ISO, accreditation programs (JCAHO, DIAS and AACI), and CE for medical devices inside and outside of Europe.

He participated in the development of the accreditation of Endocrinology Units for Hospital “Standard for patients that use  Insuline portable pump for Medtronic and developed an algorithm to avoid the over laboratory testing request by physicians.

Dr Ippolito is formerly member of American Society of Clinical Pathologist (ASCP), American Society for Microbiology (ASM), Sociedad Española de Medicina de Laboratorio SEQC y Asociación Española de Calidad (AEC).