Zeljko Ferencic‚MD

Dr. Željko Ferenčić is the AACI Accreditation Committee Chairman and the Chief Medical Officer. He was the Head of Division of Pathology and Cytology at the Children’s Hospital Srebrnjak, Zagreb, Croatia.

After he graduated in medicine in 1984. (School of Medicine, University of Zagreb), dr. Ferenčić specialized in surgical pathology  ( «Sisters of Mercy» Clinical Hospital Zagreb), further trained in cardiopathology (Ospedale Maggiore, Trieste) and head and neck pathology. He also worked as expert pathologist in toxicologic and experimental pathology for PLIVA Pharmaceuticals and GlaxoSmithKline.

He authored or co-authored over 100 professional and scientific papers. Dr. Ferenčić is deputy editor-in-chief of Liječnički vjesnik ( Journal of the Croatian Medical Association), medical editor in the General and National Encyclopaedia, and member of the medical terminology working group of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.