Aljaz Merse Vicic
Aljaz Merse Vicic

Health and Safety of employees, patients, subcontractors and visitors must be a value of every organisation.

Every HSE policy should express beliefs and must represent a path, which you have chosen to achieve excellence.

Health and Safety is part of human criteria but has also significant role in physical environment. Both of them are human issue, and every organisation should do their best to avoid any accident or occupational disease.


Goal of every organisation must be:


“Zero occupational accidents / diseases”

“Non-human errors”

“Safe work environment”


Every organisation management must make Health and Safety a prerequisite for any activity.

If organisation follow any of these objectives, the goal will be achieve:


–  Follow AACI standards and guidelines

– Assess and ensure compliance with national regulations and other requirements

– Share best practice

– Design, operate and maintain facilities in safe manner

– Communicate, Develop Health and Safety culture, by raising awareness and trainings

– Encourage commitment and participation by defining roles and responsibilities


With these objectives, every organisation will stand out as a respected, modern and sustainably committed for the common good.