John Davis Bell‚MD, President
John Davis Bell‚MD President

As a stroke intervention center surveyor, I have reviewed many cases in many hospitals over the years.

The rate of “missed diagnosis” is indeed a quality indicator that has not been addressed adequately in current programs, and will indeed be included in the requirements for monitoring and measuring in the Stroke Clinical Excellence Certification that AACI  is now formulating for hospitals in the US and EU.

I agree (from experience) that many errors are likely the result of bias and lack of basic tenets ignored from medical school training.

With the ease of relying more and more on technical methodology, and by placing less reliance on the resource of medical experience that is available to us to help make a difficult diagnosis, we can do our patients a terrible mis-service. I was taught as a medical student by the august Nathan Womack, MD, “If you will listen to your patient, they will tell you what is wrong.” Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement.