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An AACI surveyor is a health care professional trained by AACI, to assess the performance of healthcare organisations against the AACI standards.Our surveyor workforce consists of senior healthcare practitioners (Medical Doctors, Healthcare Managers, Physical Environment / Life Safety Specialist and Nurses) with recent and broad experience in health care. Surveyors must have a strong working knowledge of healthcare accreditation frameworks and quality management systems.

AACI surveyors are internationally based in over 15 countries. We have a number of contracted surveyors with the aim of increasing inter-rater reliability (the consistency of decisions regarding assessment against accreditation standards).


The surveyors are trained and skilled in surveying techniques and are able to gather the relevant information to verify the healthcare organization’s achievement in the standards being assessed. The selection process of our surveyor workforce ensures that surveyors have at least ten years of hospital experience and an excellent understanding of accepted industry standards and best practice.

The surveyors may also play a consultative role and provide education for an organisation to understand how to progress on their quality journey while ensuring they meet the standards to the required level.


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