Complaints and Appeals

Our complaint handling process is valid for complaints raised by any stakeholder. AACI encourages its customers to provide regular feedback during projects and through our “customer satisfaction survey”. If for any reason this is not possible, please follow the process described below. AACI evaluates and reviews complaints, concerns, and inquiries related to accredited healthcare organizations and surveyor training program as received from a variety of sources.

The AACI evaluates and reviews complaints, concerns, and inquiries related to certified health care organizations, as received from a variety of sources.

These complaints may be submitted by:

  • patients and/or their families,
  • healthcare practitioners,
  • government agencies,
  • professional organizations,
  • surveyors,
  • trainees,
  • individuals outside of the mentioned categories,
  • or through information from the media.

The term complaint, therefore, covers a broad spectrum of information received by AACI . Appeals received by AACI shall be:

  1. Registered in a log to record the progress to completion;
  2. Acknowledged by AACI  without undue delay; and,
  3. Reviewed and answered.

The appeal is not bound to a particular form or content. However, the appeal shall be submitted in writing stating the basis of the appeal and the relief being requested.

The applicant must provide documentation of the summaries (including material evidence, expert opinions, expertise on the issue in question) and describe the process by which they lodged the appeal.

The Appeals Commission will record any appeals and notify the applicant of receiving the appeal. A meeting will be convened by the President of the Commission, to which the applicant, the holder or their representative, and the competent representative of AACI will be invited. The Commission must address the matter and make a decision within 30 days of receiving the appeal.

If the complaint involves a surveyor, trainer, or another employee, the Appeals Commission will invite the individual in question no later than 7 days from receiving the complaint to jointly analyze it. The minutes of that meeting must be considered when formulating a response to the complaint. The Commission may request amendments to the appeal. It acts with the consent of its members. If consent is not achieved, the commission President will convene a new meeting within 15 days, with the right to vote. The President of the Commission is also present at the meeting and decides with the majority. In case of a tie, the President’s vote determines the outcome.

The Commission may:

  • Reject the appeal as unfounded,
  • Uphold the appeal and annul the decision of the certification committee, requiring re-examination by the applicant.

The decision of the commission must include an explanation.

The total duration of resolving appeals must not exceed 45 days.

Your complaint can be sent here.