Psychiatric Hospital Ormož recently announced that it has achieved international accreditation from AACI, the hospital accreditation program that integrates the ISO 9001 and EN 15224 quality management system with the clinical standards and requires the organization to evaluate the continuum of patient care throughout an entire healthcare system.

“The AACI program is more consistent with our long-term commitment to patient safety and total quality,” says Majda Kecek, Managing Director. AACI hospital accreditation addresses the demands of quality-driven hospitals that are dedicated to patient-centered care.

As part of the accreditation process, AACI surveyors track the care of patients across various departments and facilities of our hospital.

“It’s a much more integrated system. The AACI program helps us find opportunities throughout the organization to improve every day. AACI is very thorough and it doesn’t feel like an inspection. We see collaboration. This is a big change. We now look upon accreditation as a strategic business tool and as source of empowerment for our staff.  The AACI program keeps us moving forward, and the next step will be implementation of OMNIA Program in our hospital” says Mrs Kecek.