AACI America is delighted to announce an additional accredited standard in our clinical portfolio. At this time, we are now offering accreditation for Office based surgeries in the State of Florida. The final approval adding AACI to Rule 64B8-9.0091, F.A.C occurred at the Rules and Legislative Committee Meeting held on 4/7/2022.

The Florida Board of Medicine and Florida Board of Osteopathic Medicine have approved our Accreditation Standard for Office Surgery V2.1. This new standard defines and directs quality of care guidelines for management, delivery of care, and facility requirements emphasizing patient satisfaction and continual improvement. The Standard is intended for use in Office based surgeries for Levels I, II, and III and is based on the Florida Administrative Code 64B8-9.0091 Requirement for Physician Office Surgery Registration, Inspection, or Accreditation. This is the sixth accreditation awarded to AACI America worldwide.


AACI America’s accreditation program, involves annual surveys – instead of every three years – and encourages office surgeries to openly share information and to discover improvements in clinical workflows and safety protocols.


“I wish to thank the entire AACI team responsible for this standard which addresses clinical excellence and patient safety in the office based surgery arena. It is now possible for office surgery practices everywhere to affirm their quality of care on a national level. AACI America continues our effort to extend our accreditation umbrella.”- John D. Bell, MD, AACI President