Pandemic restrictions have left millions of vulnerable persons without reliable medical advice and care for serious life-threatening processes– cancer diagnosis and treatment, metabolic and organic disease syndromes, stroke care and therapy, trauma care, orthopedic intervention, and treatment of behavioral diagnoses.We realize that there are untold numbers of so called “scientific web pages” which, in many cases, may lead to harm or life-threatening consequences as their purpose is other than legitimate patient care.
With these thoughts in mind, we strongly believe it is the right time to invite interested medical professionals to contribute their thoughts in a “round-table” discussion related to this risk.
ISQua CEO Peter Lachman will be a special guest during  AACI Global Leadership Meeting which will take place on June 30th at 5.00 PM (GMT+1).
You are invited to participate on
No registration is needed. We are looking forward to hear your opinion.