With its mission to improve health care quality through accreditation, AACI America has published Accreditation Standards for Office Surgery. The standard provides the most current, organized, and systematic guidance for office-based surgeries seeking accreditation, while promoting “best practice” for the safety and care of patients and staff within the surgery setting. It is the result of an extensive development process with input from public comment, external accreditation organizations, partner associations, committees, surveyors, and staff. It reflects the core of our internationally recognized surgical and anesthesia requirements described in the Accreditation Standards for Healthcare Organizations as well as ISO 9001 management concepts.

“We strongly believe that this standard will allow individual surgical facilities to achieve the highest levels of quality care, patient safety, continual improvement, and customer satisfaction. We look forward to assisting them with meaningful accreditation recognition.”, said John D. Bell M.D., President, AACI America.

The Standard is designed for all office-based surgery centers, oral and maxillofacial surgery practices, endoscopy centers and practices, inclusive of their related anesthesia service provision.  We have prepared educational, and support materials, including a webinar:  An Introduction to Office Surgery Standards. For this and other information, please visit www.aacihealthcare.com

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