The role of the Accreditation Council is to advise and/or make recommendations on matters relating to the International Accreditation Program (IAP) and other world-wide, emerging accreditation related considerations. AACI will be represented by John Bell, MD, President, who noted:


” I wish to thank IEEA and those involved who chose AACI for this singular honor. I look forward to meeting and working with the many other Accreditation Council members. AACI will contribute our knowledge base and learned solutions from our experience in the US and EU healthcare arenas when possible. Current emerging topics of global interest include accreditation impact on patient care, mitigation and risk analysis related to opioid diversion and misuse, and control of hospital acquired infections secondary to improper decontamination, storage, and distribution of reusable medical equipment.  We are indeed privileged to have this opportunity to learn from others and to contribute accordingly.”