AACI launches world’s most comprehensive endoscopy service clinical standard

The AACI Standard on Endoscopy Excellence has been developed as a result of years of monitoring and evaluating endoscopy providers in the US, inclusive of  veteran, public health, and private healthcare institutions. Additionally providers  in the  EU have contributed to this compendium of knowledge. The Standard addresses and outlines the responsibilities incumbent upon institutions providing this care in a manner so as to insure positive outcomes. It is designed to accommodate individual and situational variability in  resources and intended scope of service. It provides a pathway for adhering to and developing new standards of care, the ability to document and validate excellence in all processes, and to continue the growth in customer satisfaction. It ensures the establishment of a safe setting for staff in the work place and for patient care.

“I wish to thank the many contributors and interested parties involved in this effort. Above all we wish to remind all providers that quality improvement is foremost in process development. Our standard will help your institution develop relevant quality processes which are reliable and will produce  intended results.  Our purpose at AACI is to improve performance through evaluation of  recognized opportunities  and analysis of risk to  prevent or mitigate negative outcomes  where possible. Together we can accomplish this goal and continue a pathway to excellence.” says John D Bell, AACI President.