Excellent maternity care must be comprehensive and flexible to respond to the clinical and social needs of women and their families. For the majority of women, pregnancy and childbirth is a totally normal and uncomplicated experience but the service must be able to respond appropriately to those who may require highly specialised care for existing medical problems, social circumstances and any complications that may develop.

We have incorporated all our experience from across Europe, America and China to ensure that the standards and the certification process reflect global clinical best practice.

Our International survey team will ensure that the process is supportive, and effectively aligns accreditation with learning and improvement.

As the survey is ‘live’ and concentrates primarily on those health records which are within the service at the time, there is minimal preparation by maternity and obstetric staff in advance. High risk areas such as eclampsia, pre-eclampsia, maternal collapse and major PPH are reviewed in a way that is proportionate to the service being accredited.

Upon achievement of the accreditation, the maternity service receives a platinum medal to display to communicate their success, and obvious commitment to quality improvement to its staff, the women and their families.