AACI Published International Accreditation Standards for Healthcare Organizations V5.0 in Portuguese

In an effort to focus on continuous patient safety and quality improvements, as well as address dynamic changes in today’s global health care environment, American Accreditation Commission International (AACI) announces the publication of The AACI International Accreditation Standards for Healthcare Organizations Version 5.0 in Portuguese on 15 October 2020. The translation of the AACI Accreditation Standards for Healthcare Organizations V5.0 will be available in Turkish, Polish, Thai, and Spanish in a near future.


“We focus on our clients, and do our best to accommodate local market needs. The Portuguese version is an important step forward to implement a better association between AACI and the healthcare markets in Portugal and Brazil. We strongly believe that having accreditation standards in the local language increases overall standard compliance and patient care.”, John D. Bell, MD, President, AACI America


Carlos Hiran Goes de Souza‚MD, Vice President and CEO Portugal and Brazil said: ”AACI takes an essential step in sharing knowledge of health in the native language of Portuguese-speaking countries. This is an excellent demonstration of our commitment to health literacy and our principle that everyone can fully understand the meaning of our standards for continuous improvement and the safety of patient care. Translating standards of good practice are for us, above all, a process of universalizing knowledge and the culture of quality for higher clinical effectiveness and the patient experience worldwide”.