In order to continually serve our stakeholders, clients and their customers we have revised, updated, and improved version 6.0. which has served for 4 years. In that period, advances in scientific thought and healthcare concepts now require a step forward in the methods and guidance required for meeting and leading healthcare facilities into the future. This new Version 6.0 of the AACI International Accreditation Standards for Healthcare Organizations has been prepared by AACI Standard Development Committee and contains all the Standards and notes needed for the AACI Accreditation process.

These standards are designed to provide a framework for quality assurance, process improvement, risk assessment, and an environment of safety within a healthcare organization. The standard includes 2 ab novo developed standards: Pathology Services and Laboratory and Transfusion Services.

The latest version of the AACI Accreditation Standards is even more closely aligned with the needs of patients and the organizations providing healthcare services. It includes improvements that will benefit both clients and healthcare organizations during the accreditation process.

Our Standards will continue to evolve as the ever-changing needs of healthcare provision require. AACI welcomes your on-going advice and input. We strive to continuously improve the provision of healthcare quality for all.” —John D Bell M.D. ,President, AACI America.

Version V6.0 replaces previous editions and accredited organizations will have up to 18 months to migrate certificates to the new version.