On 7 September 2020, the Accreditation Committee unanimously endorsed the recommendation of our Technical Council. We have begun training for, and implementation of, this essential answer to an existing gap in AACI’s responsibility to dental facilities around the world. Our new standard offers an organized and systematic program to assist dental healthcare facilities in their efforts to continually improve patient safety and quality of care.


AACI has done a systematic review of classic and emerging relevant literature reported in dental professional publications. We have integrated these international best practice methodologies based on proven guidelines to produce a unique set of Dental Accreditation Standards. Our standard provides quality of care guidelines for management, procedural delivery, and facility and requirements which emphasize patient satisfaction and continual improvement. The Standard is designed for all restorative, orthodontic, endodontic, and similar dental practices utilizing topical or nerve block techniques. Additionally, it includes a special addendum covering the practice of office based moderate sedation (and equivalent procedural terminology) for those organizations providing these services.


At AACI we believe that every patient accessing dental services expects excellent care regardless of the specialty, location, or size of the organization. With this Standard we fill the accreditation gap that existed in the dental service arena.


“We strongly believe that this standard will allow individual dental organizations to achieve the highest the levels of quality care and patient safety. We look forward to providing them accreditation recognition for their commitment in this important effort.”


John D. Bell M.D.

President, AACI.