AACI Releases its Accreditation Standards for Healthcare Organizations V5.0

Rule Risk and Save Lives is the mission at AACI. It serves to guide us in our efforts to improve the healthcare services, safety, well-being, and quality of life of all the customers with whom we engage. In order to continually serve our stakeholders, clients, and their customers, we have revised, updated, and improved version 4.3 which has served for 4 years. In the interim, advances in scientific thought and healthcare concepts now require a step forward in the methods and guidance required for meeting and leading healthcare organization services into the future. Accordingly, the new standard has been developed through an extensive review of the national and international evidence, consultation with key stakeholders, and the establishment of an advisory group. Version 5.0 of the AACI International Accreditation Standards for Healthcare Organizations has now been approved by the AACI Standard Development Committee. Some revisions and other changes have been made throughout this process to include:

  1. Review of the language to improve readability
  2. enhancement of interpretive guidance where necessary
  3. elimination of un-needed repetition
  4. combination of the standards for Nuclear Medicine and Radiology services
  5. a new standard for Psychiatric and Behavioral Services
  6. a new standard for an Opioids Oversight and Use Committee
  7. improved format, accessibility, and ease of navigation to make the new standard easier for healthcare organizations to use in their everyday practice.

Perhaps most important is the standard’s emphasis on check point control as it relates to critical processes. This vigilance is crucial in the delivery of safe care and the elimination of avoidable errors through monitoring, measuring, and analysis — driving safety in patient-centered care.

“The latest version of the AACI Standards is even more closely aligned with the needs of patients and the organizations facilitating their care. It includes improvements that will benefit both clients and surveyors during the accreditation process. Our Standards will continue to evolve as the ever-changing needs of healthcare provision require. AACI welcomes your on-going advice and input. We strive to continuously improve the provision of healthcare quality for all.” —John D Bell M.D. ,President, AACI.