Accreditation Standards for Dental Organisations under revision

AACI has now taken the decision that it is time to look at the possibility to improve accreditation standard based on user experience and ISQua recommendations received during last accreditation survey and therefore initiated a revision.

AACI is currently revising the International Accreditation Standards for Dental Organisations and plan to publish the 2nd  edition of the Standards  in September.

The Standard DRAFT revision 2.0 will be issued in the beginning of May 2020, for stakeholder consultation. The next steps will be the issuance of the Final DRAFT 2.0 expected in August 2020, and publication of International Accreditation Standard for Dental Organisations 2.0 would be achieved in September 2020.


The transition period for introducing and adopting new requirements for organizations with Accreditation Standard V 2.0 will start after its publication, towards the end of 2020, and will last 12 months.


AACI will publish information on new developments on a regular basis. AACI welcomes your advice as well. Please submit written comments, suggestions and remarks to AACI accordingly. We strive to continuously improve for the satisfaction of all involved in the healthcare process. Our team is available to support you with this transition and can provide an in-depth presentation of the new draft standard.

Please direct comments and suggestions to:


John D Bell, MD