Clinical Standard for Endoscopy Services V1.1. under revision

Clinical Excellence Standard for Endoscopy Services is under revision and has just reached the first voting stage, a crucial step in its development.

The standard is currently being revised to reflect the growing number of publications addressing multidose vial contamination in endoscopy units and the recent revisions our International Accreditation Standards for Healthcare organizations.


The latest version of the AACI Endoscopy Standards is even more closely aligned with the needs of patients and the organizations providing endoscopy services. It includes improvements that will benefit both clients and endoscopy facilities during the certification process. Our Standards will continue to evolve as the ever-changing needs of healthcare provision require. AACI welcomes your on-going advice and input. We strive to continuously improve the provision of healthcare quality for all.” —John D Bell M.D. ,President, AACI.


The revised version of Clinical Excellence Standard for Endoscopy Services  is due to be published end of March 2019.