In the light of latest development of COVID-19 crisis, starting from 25.3.2020.  AACI has decided to discontinue all onsite surveys.

In concert with CMS, ISQua, and Slovenian Accreditation (SA), AACI will ensure that lapses in accreditation due to the COVID-19 situation will not affect our International Accreditation, Clinical Excellence Certification, or Management System Certification processes. Even though on-site surveys are suspended, our accredited/certified clients shall stay compliant with accreditation/certification requirements at all times.


We will continue our operations to support our customers in the following manner:

  1. Maintain compliance monitoring;
  2. Ensure and facilitate timely corrective action plans and evidence submissions;
  3. Provide remote periodic and re-accreditation/re-certification surveys in a timely manner
  4. Maintain certificates for accreditation, ISO 9001, and clinical excellence programs to include maternity, endoscopy and acute stroke;
  5. Make every effort to assist our customers in their individual needs and requirements as circumstances allow;
  6. Keeping our lines of communication open for any other request for assistance or advice.


AACI will conduct accreditation/certification surveys remotely using secure technology. This option will allow us to survey compliance while protecting surveyors, limiting travel, and reducing disruption to healthcare organizations. Details of how these surveys will be conducted are to be finalized shortly. Additionally, we are modifying our Accreditation Guidelines and procedures to accommodate the related ISQua requirements for accredited organizations.


Our clients will be provided with a list of required documents necessary at least 2 weeks prior to the remote survey. AACI will conduct preliminary conversations with the healthcare organizational leadership to facilitate a smooth and effective process of administration. Your suggestions and thoughts for efficiency and simplicity in this new endeavor are encouraged and welcomed. Please be aware that AACI will not ask for extensive material to be arbitrarily gathered for these surveys. We will however ask those in a position of leadership to have computer access to required documented information within their healthcare organization system.

This information will be divided into 3 major categories: administrative, clinical, and physical environmental life safety corresponding to the modules of our standard. Extensive preparation for our survey is discourage and unnecessary. However please be prepared to discuss and document any outstanding non-conformances and your associated corrective action plans from the previous survey.You can expect a different survey experience but the same professionalism, efficiency and outcome.

Please monitor the CMS QSO Policy & Memos to States and Regions, ISQua, and SA (in particular S03 Rev 31) for continually updated information affecting healthcare organizations.

For more information on a specific situation, including standard interpretations, please send an e-mail to our monitored mailbox: . AACI will remains dedicated to our mission, value and vision. We are dedicated to assisting your needs and those of our patients throughout our healthcare organization family.

We remain honored to serve you.


For AACI America LLC

John Bell, MD



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