Historically, safety in endoscopy unit has focused on infection control, particularly around the reprocessing of endoscopes. Two highly publicised outbreaks in which the transmission of infectious agents were related to GI endoscopy have highlighted the need to address potential gaps along the endoscopy care continuum that could impact patient safety.

AACI has developed this clinical standard based on its long experience and the most common nonconformities raised during the last 15 years in the endoscopy units all around the world. The objective of this standard is to provide guidelines for precleaning, leaktesting, cleaning, storage, high-level disinfecting, and/or sterilising of flexible gastrointestinal (GI) endoscopes, flexible bronchoscopes, surgical flexible endoscopes (e.g., flexible ureteroscopes), and semi-rigid operative endoscopes (e.g., choledochoscopes) in health care facilities.