European Commission published report on the operation of Directive 2011/24/EU

According to the report, four infringement proceedings, which relate to the completeness of transposition measures, remained open, and Member States concerned made firm commitments to address the outstanding issues.  The report also states that patient flows for healthcare abroad under the Directive are low. Regarding information on quality and safety systems, it stresses the different ways of providing such information across the Member States such as links to different legal documents, general description of quality assurance strategies, provision of detailed information, or contact to a specific sources — websites or a person.

Some countries do not mention safety and quality at all. It is general opinion that despite the positive impact of the Directive on cross-border cooperation, more still needs to be done to bring to reality its benefits and to raise awareness of European citizens about their right to choose healthcare in another EU country.

This report will be discussed during the next informal Health Council on 24-25 September.

Report can be found here