Excellent maternity care must be comprehensive and flexible to respond to the clinical and social needs of women and their families. For the majority of women, pregnancy and childbirth is a totally normal and uncomplicated experience but the service must be able to respond appropriately to those who may require highly specialised care for existing medical problems, social circumstances and any complications that may develop.

The development of the AACI Clinical Standards for Maternity Services is part of the AACI Quality and Patient Safety Programme.

This edition of the AACI Clinical Standard for Maternity Services has been prepared by AACI Technical Committee and contains all the standards and notes needed for AACI Clinical Certification process.

The Standard provides guidance for the provision of equitable, safe and high-quality maternity services. It consists of three high-level strategic Modules: I – Clinical Governance, II- Normal Clinical Care, and III-High Risk Clinical Care, to guide the planning, provision and monitoring of maternity services by service providers and healthcare practitioners.

“With this Standard AACI puts strong focus at one the most vulnerable segment of the Healthcare system. At the national level, the Clinical Certification will consist of specific national tools to guide the provision of maternity services, including the National Maternity Guidelines and Maternity Clinical Indicators. It will be applicable globally but also will take in consideration specific inputs from national healthcare systems” says Dr. Marusic, CEO of the AACI .