New Standard for the use of parenteral opiates in the hospital setting

In 2014 the CDC reported that 2 million Americans abused or were dependent on opioids. Opioids are the most commonly dispensed medications within the healthcare organization and account for the highest number of adverse events. The most serious of these adverse events is ventilatory impairment leading to arrest and death.


Because of the increase in these events effecting the patient safety withing the hospital setting current mitigation strategy requires a close look at the related prescribing practices and physician awareness particularly in post-operative patients and those with chronic pain. Accordingly AACI in concert with other leading accreditation bodies around the world have introduced methods to mitigate this threat to patient safety. With this goal in mind we introduce a new section in our upcoming Accreditation Standard Version 5.0 facilitating a multidisciplinary body composed of medical staff and other clinical experts to mitigate and prevent these unneeded, avoidable and tragic events.



It is with great appreciation that I thank those in the Standard Development Group, and those who will contribute to this difficult but most worthwhile task within our AACI accredited healthcare organizations. Your dedication to ruling risk and saving lives is gratefully acknowledged.


John D. Bell, MD, President