AACI continues to expand its product offerings to the hospitals by offering a new three-year clinical excellence certification for endoscopy services. AACI announced the launch of the program today from the International Patient Safety Conference in Portorož, Slovenia.

Certification demonstrates to the community that their endoscopy program is committed to excellence in care delivery and continuous improvement. We review infection prevention, reprocessing and decontamination of reusable medical equipment, and sedation Services among other program components. The issue of management and appropriate supervision of endoscope and other re-useable medical equipment (RME) requirements, particularly relating to decontamination and reprocessing, is often carried out with little thought of questioning the realities involved in this most important area of patient safety. The ECRI Institute has identified cross-contamination from flexible endoscopes on its list of the top ten technology hazards for the past 3 years; it’s a sign that cross-contamination from improperly reprocessed endoscopes remains a significant and serious concern.” said Dr. John D Bell, AACI’s President.


Why should I apply?

• Achieving AACI’s Excellence Certification is an opportunity to demonstrate to your community
that you offer a quality service environment – one which takes safety seriously and strives for continual
• You can use your survey report and certificate to provide assurance to both your staff and to other
external stakeholders that you are committed to excellence.
• You benefit from an external knowledge base giving feedback and comment in a constructive and
supportive manner.
• You will receive a Certificate of Excellence™ quality mark to display within the facility.

The survey process has been designed to ensure that there is as little burden to the endoscopy service in terms of preparation as possible. It is acknowledged that the patient’s care should be the primary focus of the service, and that the survey and survey team should cause minimal disruption. AACI is first and always collaborative.
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