Today we celebrate our 10th anniversary with a global, enterprise-wide commitment to our Mission: Ruling Risks, Saving Lives. Entering our second decade, the company is well positioned to become the global accreditation and clinical excellence certification leader. To all AACI staff worldwide, our colleagues who were part of the team during these years, and our partners – happy 10th anniversary!


“We have so much to be proud of since AACI America was born in 2013,” said Kreso A. Paliska, Group CEO, AACI America. “We began 10 years ago when 3 individuals with nearly a century of experience came together and provided their working knowledge and dreams of healthcare to create a new accreditation system with emphasis on quality care, continual improvement of that care, and a focus on patient satisfaction. We have delivered sustained growth, strong financial performance, and imaginative innovation to stay ahead of healthcare industry demands in a  dynamic and challenging external environment”.


As we recognize this important milestone in our company’s young history, talented AACI employees are even more passionate, helping shape  meaningful standards for patient centered healthcare organizations around the world.


We are celebrating 10 years of building sustained relationships. Our commitment to clients, and our globally recognized accreditation system have keyed growth and healthcare industry honors. But above all else, our success is really in the hands our people. THANK YOU! — to all our employees and your families. Without you we would not be the company we are today. Your commitment to our vision, mission, values, and the success of our clients has allowed us to create a best-in class team, dedicated to delivering performance-oriented results. Every employee past and present, every client, and every partner has played an important role and deserves recognition on this jubilant day.


We know healthcare!