National Accreditation bodies and/or Governments often require highly specific and practical expertise that directly influences their success. AACI is uniquely positioned to assist Governments in enhancing their programs. Our customized support can assist you in addressing regulatory requirements and gaining insight into continuous improvement opportunities.

AACI’s advisory service portfolio spans a range of topics, from developing Official National Standards and specific guidelines to implementing Continuous Improvement programs. In this way, we aid governmental organizations in enhancing patient safety and the quality of healthcare delivery.

AACI’s team comprises physicians, nurses, health administrators, and allied health professionals with extensive experience in the healthcare sector. They offer an impartial viewpoint to clients, benchmarking their performance against international best practices and standards. The services provided are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

NOTE : AACI and all its subsidiaries are independent third-party accreditation bodies and do not provide advisory services to hospitals or other healthcare organizations.

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