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According to the Lancet, the UK was ranked 24th out of 49 high income countries for stillbirth rates. The rate of progress in reducing stillbirths is disappointingly slow. NHS England’s target is to halve the rates of stillbirths, neonatal and maternal deaths as well as intrapartum brain injuries by 2030. According to the World Health Organization in 2015, between 1990 and 2013, the maternal mortality ratio
for the USA more than doubled from an estimated 12 to 28 maternal deaths per 100,000 births. This means that yearly an estimated 1200 women in the USA suffered complications that proved fatal and ~ 60,000 suffered complications that were near fatal. It is believed that half of all these maternal deaths were preventable.
In the USA a woman is three times more likely to die from pregnancy related complications than women in the UK, Germany or Japan. (Kasslebaum, Lancet 2014)

AACI provides expertise around the globe to develop healthcare standards in line with international best practice.  Our goal is to help share good practice and innovation by utilising the knowledge and experience of experts, practitioners and patients; and to set measurable standards which encourage healthcare facilities to continually improve and evolve.

We have developed the Clinical Excellence Standard for Maternity Services which have an almost direct correlation with the CQC key lines of enquiry, so maternity units could use the standards as the way of preparing for their CQC visit and achieve a Quality Excellence Mark at the same time which will be a real benefit.

It consists of three high-level strategic Modules (Clinical Governance, Clinical Maternity and Physical Environment), to guide the planning and delivering of services in the obstetric and support services.Programs place emphasis on deploying a disciplined management system, combined with relevant clinical best practices, setting AACI clinical excellence certification apart from other programs.

Mark of Excellence Maternity Services

Meeting AACI Clinical Excellence standards is an accomplishment recognised with the awarding of AACI’s Platinum Medal of Certification.