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Welcome to AACI Academy!

AACI’s courses empower you with the know-how to systematically enhance patient safety and foster a robust healthcare environment for both your patients and staff. Our training program boasts one of the most extensive arrays of courses tailored for the healthcare industry.

AACI delivers global education to acquaint your accreditation and/or certification system with industry standards, elucidating how management systems can be seamlessly integrated to bolster patient safety and drive continuous improvement.

Additionally, organizations must adhere to country-specific regulatory requirements. Our trainers possess intimate knowledge of local markets and can tailor training to the specific needs of your organization and location. We also offer private training sessions upon request.

Introduction to Accreditation

This one-day course is a fundamental training designed to educate healthcare professionals on the principles and requirements of AACI’s accreditation according to the AACI International Standard for Healthcare Organizations.

Internal Surveyor training

This 2-day course is a healthcare specific surveyor course focused on the internal survey. This course is designed to train internal surveyors in the principles and practices of first party survey and the use of AACI standards.

Accreditation Surveyor training

This 4-day course is a healthcare specific surveyor course focused on the hospital accreditation and healthcare setting. This course is designed to train potential surveyors in the principles and practices of surveying and the use of AACI standards in the process approach.

Risk Registers: The hub of the internal control system

This one day course explores the qualities of an effective risk register and risk assessments, and its benefits to a healthcare organisation. By attending this course, you will gain a practical understanding of how risk registers inform decision-making and allow an organisation to identify and manage threats in a systematic way.

ISO 13485 Lead Auditor Training

This 4-day intensive training aims to provide delegates with the skills required to conduct audits, using interactive training by medical device lead auditors experienced in ISO 13485.

ICH GCP Good Clinical Practice Training Course

This Good Clinical Practice (GCP) course is a comprehensive guide to ICH-GCP principles and their practical application in the workplace. This course is essential for those new to clinical research or experienced staff from Pharma industry, CROs and research institutes, University Hospitals, clinical trials support staff, research nurses and ethics committee members.

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