AACI d.o.o.may initiate suspension in cases where:


  1. AACI d.o.o. becomes aware through surveys, external investigations, complaints or other activities, that the provision of care or other services by the organization poses an extreme, immediate and unacceptable risk to the safety of patients, staff or visitors;
  2. The organization fails to submit a required CAP within thirty (30) working days of receiving a AACI d.o.o. audit report;
  3. Objective evidence is not made available to AACI d.o.o., within the timelines given in the approved Corrective Action Plan, that the corrective actions described in the Corrective Action Plan have been fully implemented;
  4. Periodic surveys and re-certification audits are not allowed to be conducted according to required frequency or as scheduled;
  5. The organization violates terms of the signed agreement, including non-payment of fees or refusal of access;
  6. AACI d.o.o. judges that the organization has made false public claims regarding its AACI (e.g., certification is used in a way that is unjustifiable or deceptive in advertising.);
  7. Information from stakeholders that could affect the status of AACI d.o.o. certification (e.g., non-compliance with regulatory/statutory requirements);


AACI d.o.o. may also choose to only give the organization a warning that suspension is being considered, but when AACI d.o.o. decides that suspension of AACI d.o.o. certification is appropriate the organization will be informed in writing. This letter will describe the situation that has led to suspension as well as the requirements and timelines that must be met to have AACI d.o.o. certification reinstated. The healthcare organization will have ten (10) working days from receiving the notification letter to respond or to appeal the decision.


During suspension both the healthcare organization and AACI d.o.o. shall inform enquirers that this is the case and use of all advertising matter containing a reference to AACI d.o.o. certification are prohibited during time of suspension. AACI d.o.o. certification shall not be suspended for a period longer than six (6) months.


Verification that the requirements have been met may require additional on-site surveys that will be charged to the healthcare organization based on the rates and costs used in the original contract.


AACI d.o.o. certification will be withdrawn from the healthcare organization if:

  1. The customer does not meet the conditions of suspension; and
  2. A suspension is not considered to be an adequate action.


Any decision to withdraw a certificate shall be communicated through a formal letter. The organization shall be required to terminate any use of the Certification mark and any reference to AACI d.o.o. certification and return certificate(s) and copies to AACI d.o.o. The healthcare organization will be informed of its right to appeal.