Interior of a hospital room with medical equipment including an IV stand, patient monitor, and a hospital bed in the foreground, conveying a sterile and professional healthcare environment.

Ruling Risks, Saving Lives

At AACI, we’re not just about setting international standards. We are about advancing healthcare excellence, ruling risks to save lives. Be part of our mission and strive towards a future with optimum patient care.

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Our Vision is mitigation of human error in healthcare

Joining with AACI is not just about the provision of external scrutiny – it is about working together to improve healthcare services for patients and for staff

For all employees at Gia An 115 hospital, the process to achieve AACI accreditation was an opportunity to put ou existing service quality in aligning with an international standards. And we have made ourselves proud to be a recognized excellent system

Dr. Truong Vingh Long Hospital Director, GIA AN 115, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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