Interior of a hospital room with medical equipment including an IV stand, patient monitor, and a hospital bed in the foreground, conveying a sterile and professional healthcare environment.

Ruling Risks, Saving Lives

At AACI, we’re not just about setting international standards. We are about advancing healthcare excellence, ruling risks to save lives. Be part of our mission and strive towards a future with optimum patient care.

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Our Vision is mitigation of human error in healthcare

Joining with AACI is not just about the provision of external scrutiny – it is about working together to improve healthcare services for patients and for staff

We chose this methodology because it gave us the possibility to certify not only Carlos Chagas Hospital and Ipiranga Mogi, but also all our advanced and outpatient units, so that we have a unique culture of quality. It is worth noting that being certified by AACI Accreditation has led us to consider 2 important tools: one is a global issue related to chemical dependency, which is the Opioid Committee, and the other is the Utilization Committee, which has led us to opt for the best resources, improving safety and promoting sustainability in the healthcare system

Antônio Carlos Garcia MD, Anesthesiologist and Regional Director São Paulo at AMIL Group

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