Medical Web Content in the Era of COVID-19

During the COVID-19 crisis, it was evident that access to medical care was difficult or at least, in some cases, extremely limited. Many countries have reported reduced numbers of diagnosed and treated life-threatening medical problems compared to the average number usually encountered.  People were afraid or unable to visit their physician due to  COVID-19 circumstances. Concomitantly, there was a significant increase in internet searches for medical information related to symptomatology, diagnosis, treatment, and management of imagined and real health problems.

The web is rife with unfounded and often harmful misinformation (“humbug”) regarding your health and welfare, which in many cases may lead to harm or life-threatening consequences.

AACI has developed the Medical Content Certification program to promote and ensure the dissemination of quality health information for patients, professionals, and the lay public. We review and confirm that web site content is relevant, safe, current, and acceptable “standard of care” information. We always emphasize reliance on your professional care and advice.

More than ever patients need to know which information they can rely on and where to find it. AACI Web Medical Content Certification is here to provide your clients with provider confidence through a Certified, high degree of reliability on your site.

AACI provides this Certification in several languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Slovenian, Turkish, German and Italian.

We know healthcare!