This MOU establishes collaborative goals between the GHA and AACI. It outlines activities and topics that are mutually beneficial. GHA and AACI will collaborate on the following initiatives:


  1. Jointly promoting this collaboration via each organization’s website and marketing initiatives.
  2. Supporting clinics in their quest and journey towards GHA and AACI Accreditation through education, training and advisory services.
  3. Coordinating so as to conduct consecutive accreditation surveys (AACI then GHA) with an AACI-GHA trained clinical surveyor and a GHA medical travel surveyor.
  4. Supporting clinics on their quest for Certification of Conformance on GHA Covid-19 Guidelines, thereby validating that these medical travel programs are implementing comprehensive protocols as a proactive risk mitigation strategy to ensure patient safety and wellbeing during and post COVID-19 along the entire care continuum.


The unique collaboration between GHA and AACI will assist healthcare providers, who currently do not possess a clinical accreditation, to strengthen their clinical quality and patient safety infrastructure while building capabilities on the entire medical travel care continuum for patients who travel for their care.


“We are delighted about our new relationship with the GHA and their CEO, Karen H. Timmons. We are confident that this new association will advance the interests and activities of each organization. Our mutual effort is to promote clinical excellence, customer focus, and patient safety in a sustainable system of accreditation.”– John D Bell, MD, AACI President



About GHA

The Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) Program is an independent accrediting body that seeks to improve the patient experience and excellence of care received by patients who travel for their medical care and treatment, whether within their own country or internationally.