Transfer of a certificate from another certification body to a AACI d.o.o. certificate requires a positive result from a pre-transfer review. This review contains:

  1. a documentation and records review and;
  2. normally a visit to the premises of the customer.


The main purpose of the review is to verify that the customer has a valid certificate issued by another CB, and that audits have been performed as scheduled and followed up satisfactorily.

The pre-transfer review should preferably be done in conjunction with the next scheduled periodic or recertification audit but may be performed off cycle if the customer desires. Content of scheduled audits follows Periodical Audits and Re-certification Audit respectively.

AACI d.o.o. shall perform the pre-transfer review. As a minimum the review shall verify:

  1. that client’s activities are within AACI’s d.o.o. accredited scope;
  2. reason why client is seeking transfer of the accredited certificate (suspended and withdrawn certificates shall not be transferred);
  3. validity and status of previous certificate with regard to authenticity, duration and scope of activities and sites covered by the certification. Special attention shall be given to the adequacy of the previous sampling procedure for multiple sites, where applicable records, inclusive reports, from all of audits executed by the previous certification body back to and including the last initial or re-certification audit. If reports and records are not made available or if the periodic audit is overdue, then the customer is not eligible for transfer and an initial audit process is needed;
  4. Formal status of non-conformances. All non-conformities must be closed, preferably by the issuing certification body before recommendation of issuing a AACI d.o.o.  certificate. Special attention shall be given to the effectiveness of corrective actions to any category major non-conformities identified by the issuing CB. (NOTE: Where possible the Lead Auditor shall verify the status of NCs etc. with the issuing CB. If not possible the reasons shall be recorded in the report)
  5. complaints received, and actions taken;
  6. stage in the current certification cycle;
  7. compliance with applicable legislative requirements and any current engagement by the customer with regulatory bodies in respect of legal compliance;