Code of Conduct

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At AACI we have certain ethical expectations for employee’s personal and business conduct. It is by default that we all have in our life experience learned, accepted and exhibit behavior which is respectful, law abiding, and irreproachable in social and business conduct and bearing. This premise must be understood and affirmed by all employees, support staff, and contracted entities associated with AACI.

You are responsible for understanding this position. In return, AACI as a corporate entity affirms and endorses these ethical concepts in the performance of corporate business activities as well. The code of conduct is a universal document for all to follow.

In our sphere of global healthcare related activities it is predictable that situations will arise that challenge our moral compass, or may leave us with uncertainty as to an appropriate course of action. AACI encourages all personnel to communicate with the appropriate internal authority when faced with this dilemma. If in doubt, discuss the issue with your direct superior for guidance. By doing so, you immediately mitigate the potential risk at hand. Additionally, the burden of responsibility will flow to the level of decision required for control. If need be, these inquiries may be made directly to our CEO.

It must be emphasized that there will be no recrimination or retaliation permitted in such an instance of inquiry for guidance or report of misconduct. Anonymity shall be preserved. Behavior in accordance with our policy will guarantee respect and success in the business world. However, conduct unbecoming an AACI associate will promote the opposite outcome and will not be tolerated or condoned. If necessary, discipline will be commensurate with the situation at hand and be determined by the risk assessors at the highest administrative level. There are three general categories of behavioral order that fall under this guideline. These will be defined as:

  1. Legal and Regulatory Conduct
  2. Social Conduct and Deportment
  3. Business Propriety and Routine

These sections will address the related broad concepts associated therein. Questions or controversy regarding minor variations of the underlying topics shall be directed to top management as noted above. Do not hesitate to ask for guidance if in doubt. These areas of required conduct conformity apply to all AACI employees or associates at every level of activity and responsibility.