Accreditation Standard for Office Surgeries

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In order to continually serve our stakeholders, clients and their customers we have developed this standard for office-based surgery facilities.Whether in a physician office or another procedural setting, we have developed a collaborative survey and accreditation process that will build your practice and convey a superior level of excellence to your patients.

This new standard has been prepared by AACI Standard Development Committee and contains all the Standards and notes needed for the AACI Accreditation process for office-based surgery. This standard is based on the recommendations and policy of the State of Florida Department of Health, referenced in 64B8-9.0092 Approval of Physician Office Accrediting Organizations and respected authorities who maintain and determine current and on- going standards of care.

Revision plan

Periodical revision of the standards, in reality, is an ongoing process. It is supported by current customers, patient groups, relevant surveyors, healthcare group leaders, sales staff, and any other relevant external experts. Additionally, the evolution of national and international standards, rules and regulation, and advisory body guidelines are updated and included. The AACI Standards will undergo a major revision every 4 years. If a standard no longer reflects contemporary healthcare practice, commonly available technology, quality management practices, similar, it will be revised or deleted. During the process of revision input shall be sought from current customers, patient groups, AACI surveyors and sales staff, and any other relevant external experts. Minor revisions can be initiated at any time but these shall be used only to clarify requirements or correct errors and not to introduce new requirements into the Standards.

Additionally, AACI offers the unique service of a virtually immediate response to any question involving our standards or their interpretation. AACI shall continue to evolve our standard as interested parties specify improvements, corrections are required, and influencing conditions change. AACI welcomes your advice as well. Please submit written comments, suggestions and remarks to AACI accordingly.

Please direct comments and suggestions to:

Major Revisions

Major revision of the standards shall be run as projects with a project plan developed prior to initiation where timelines and required resources are identified.  A first draft shall be developed by the Standard Development Committee based on input that has been gathered over the period since the previous revision from surveyors and customers. The first draft document shall be circulated to internal experts. A second draft is then prepared based on the input received and this is reviewed by AACI experts.

A second draft is than circulated to stakeholders and external organizations.  A third draft will then be prepared based on the stakeholder feedback. The third draft is used for piloting with at least one healthcare organization. The piloting involves reviewing the new document in a face to face meeting and identifying areas that are unclear and checking that the new requirements are reasonable and achievable. Finally, the new revision needs to be approved the Advisory Standard Committee and forwarded to the CEO for ratification before it is distributed to stakeholders.

The flow-chart details the main stages in the process.